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Access to the synchrotron X-ray beam line (XRD2) of the Elettra Sincrotrone is made possible by funding from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to enrich biotechnology research by application of macromolecular crystallography. This facility is open to Indian macromolecular crystallography groups from November 2018

Research proposals are invited from macromolecular crystallography groups from India to collect data at the station XRD2. Research proposals may be submitted via the web interface by Clicking here! Proposals for data collection will be selected by the screening and selection Committee. All efforts would be made to reach a decision within one month of submission.

The selected groups will be reimbursed travel and stay, as per rules, for the duration of data collection at Trieste, Italy. However, the selected groups will have to work out the logistics of shipping the frozen crystals, by themselves. Full details of the beamline characteristics, the user program and the procedure for the submission of electronic proposals can be found at the beamline homepage